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          uPVC (UnplasticizedPolyvinyl Chloride) is a type of plastic used in the manufacture of doors - windows.Invented by the GermanWhich has been developed and is known as premium materials.Door system - windows have been popular in Europe.And America for 60 years due to its ability to increase energy savings to homes.And the building has been used widely in the construction industry both home owners and architects therefore Doors - Windows Perfect Homes (Perfect Home) made innovative designs with the concept.With the vision of expanding housing broader view, looking more livable.I believe that beauty comes from the perfect harmony of design and function wise.Which provides the maximum protection against external interference.Easy to use and fits in with the residents of all.

          Vinyl (Vinyl) is a special grade polymers were invented for external use only the sun could rain is not as common plastics we use in everyday life vinyl (Vinyl) is a synthetic polymer.Official namedUnplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride extracted from seawater.Petrochemical processesResistant to heat, sunlight and chemicals.Lifespan lasting from 15-100 years and is environmentally friendly.



uPVC (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a new innovation in building materials industry, used for wood and aluminum.Caused by a combination of primary substances.A. Healy and the hydrogen chloride containing reinforced plastic (made easily molded.And environmentally friendlyBecause organic plastic), with the added substance (Compound) with special features such as uPVC.

Titanium Dioxide is the element of metal to add strength.It also reflects the UV rays still white uPVC and also prevent the sulfur.(Compounds of sulfur, which is polluting the air.Even be combined with water or moisture in the air.Can corrodeAnd cause rust), but they do not corrode uPVC not cracked or broken.Not stainAnd also withstand the salt water well.

UV / Heat Stabilizer feature to increase tolerance to sunlight and heat, and a mixture of chloride with unique features that are not flammable.And is also a good thermal insulator.

Complex Stabilizer features flexible strength additive.And does not shrink or expand in all weather conditions.

Impact Modifier feature allows the cushion.Or high pressure compressors

Filler features to increase strength and prevent shrinkage.


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