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glass-upvcClear float glass, clear float glass, high quality production with the most advanced float the entire surface. Sides are smooth and the picture looking through a clear and complete reflection. Sizes range from size 2-19 mm glass
Tinted float glass. Float glass, Tinted glass, transparent colors, which are caused by the full-oxides of metals such as iron, cobalt or selenium into parts. Mixing, thus helping to absorb heat Float Glass Tinted yet. Assist in reducing heat glare as well as colored glass with brown, green, blue.

Glass insulation Can block external noise causes an atmosphere that is personal. Housing, and also to prevent the heat transfer from the outside, thereby reducing CPU utilization. The air conditioner

Glass of Cooper (Glass) glass is a special feature on the glass, impact glass will be broken up into smaller ones, not sharp, thus reducing harm to users and also 3-5 times stronger than ordinary glass.

Multi-layer safety glass (Laminated glass) is two or more sheets of glass bonded by PVB film which can protect violet radiation rate is over 99% and a durable stacked in between acts adhesion to the glass door. Tempered glass is glass that has so many layers. Upon impact until the safety film to prevent adhesion of glass fall.

Glass insulation (Double glazed) glass consists of two glass plates in the middle and outside of the Space bar glass, vacuum glass, argon gas is able to support them. The benefits of argon can filter out the heat of the sun to 85% and also the glass as the fridge to keep cool and prevent outside noise to cause the privacy of people. dwell And also to prevent the heat transfer from the outside. Thereby reducing the work load of air-conditioning as well.

Low E glass Pilkington E glass reduces heat to the house. Mercury glass is coated on the surface. Mercury Hg surface species is ultra clear. Suitable for installation in rooms with beautiful views such as. Luxury Beachfront Condo If needed, use curtains to shade will prevent overlooking beautiful work. This glass filter And heat up 98%, making your vacation a memorable vacation another day. Without fear of sunlight Or heat anymore

Frosted glass or orange peel for applications where privacy is important, such as the bathroom window.


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