Perfect Home uPVC

Windows and Doors System

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property-11. Withstand the weather excellent.
Door - uPVC windows leading German standards. Can withstand all weather conditions Due to a mixture of titanium dioxide. To withstand all types of weather. And resistant to ultraviolet The weather changes quickly. While the structure of the frame can be expanded. And can withstand temperatures up to 82 Celsius, making doors - uPVC window frames are not brittle or fragile. Or deteriorated after long use.


2. excellent insulation and energy efficiency.
Door - uPVC windows have insulating properties against heat. Can reduce the loss of energy than the aluminum in general. The internal structure of the It is subdivided into several small channels within channels to help reduce heat from outside to inside. In addition, the unique properties of the vinyl material itself becomes the heat insulation as well. Thus saving energy in the operation of the air conditioner in the floor area.
3. Prevent the seepage of rain water Lang excellent.
Doors - uPVC window uses an angle until homogeneous. This is to prevent the leakage of water to flow through it. And also installing EPDM rubber seal around the frame to the second floor window. The frame, which improves the efficiency of the water that may leak into the space between the door and the jamb (rubber, EPDM rubber gasket with the same type of glass used in the automotive industry. The rubber window can be replaced).
4. Prevent noise excellent.
Door - uPVC windows are made to have the ability to block out noise. The internal structure has been divided into several channels and supported by a multi-point locking system keeps doors tightly shut even live. It also helps to attenuate impact is more effective. Ensures that noise is reduced and you can relax more as well. It reduces the volume (Volume ratio is between 33-43 db).


5. excellent corrosion resistance.
In cities with high pollution levels. Door - uPVC windows can withstand the corrosive pollution. Or even the beach shore house. ICE, salinity of the sea is not made doors - uPVC window erodes easily broken.

6. Material is not flammable excellent.
Door - uPVC windows and door frames, one of the ingredients - including uPVC windows chloride specification is non-flammable and can be extinguished by itself. This makes me worry about the progression of the fire. Ensuring the safety and lifetime.

property-67. beautiful patterns
Door - Window uPVC One of the design principles framed doors - windows, uPVC outer edge has a slope of 40 degrees to the flow of water quickly and easily, giving details of the frame house purist, distinctive and stylish than a house. common goals and can be shaped beautifully to the site as needed.

8. Easy maintenance
Door - uPVC windows As complete. May make many people dread the thought of preservation. Do not worry Because of the high quality ingredients in the production process. The material is so slippery it yesterday. Not absorb dirt Can be cleaned with soap or detergent to clean the surface of the door - Window (uPVC) would be beautiful as before.


9. Environmentally friendly
Doors - uPVC window to produce the final movement. The loss of energy to produce than aluminum, a key material could be left over from the manufacturing process to recycle 100 percent renewable or recycled, reusable produce melting. Moreover, the deployment of doors - uPVC windows also reduces the use of wood in the production casing. Do not disturb the natural environment as well.


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