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Windows and Doors System

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1. Inspection openings mortar be neat. Concrete openings must be both vertical and horizontal angle and the size of the curve must be specified.

2. Raised transom door window insert. Openings prepared Secondary to thrombosis may be used to assist in the adjustment screw. And determine where to install the screw used to wedge in between the frame. And edges without mortar removed.

3. Drill hole shot through the transom. Through the internal steel reinforcement Down to the cement wall and anchor the transom cleat Plastic + cement with screws.

4. Plastic + cleat mounting screws already. The head of the screw will apply silicone to waterproof. And close the channel between the transom plaster walls using foam. Then cover with silicone sealant around the frame, both outside and inside.

5. Install equipment to capture, key, cover drainage holes, bumpers, etc..

6. After the installation is completed. Clean again and pulled out a sticker attached to it. And labeled The top right corner of the door and window frames to ensure the company.

Preparation prior to installation of doors, windows, uPVC (Vinyl).


           Because construction is associated with several tasks. Which are likely to cause damage to the system, doors, windows, uPVC (vinyl), so the event it is necessary for the construction of items uPVC (Vinyl) because the page address will be obstacles. operation Because the product is composed of a series success. So, when installed, will clutter. And barrier site Prerequisites are as follows:

1. Tasks that must be completed before the installation of windows - doors uPVC (vinyl), including plastering, wall decoration materials (tiles, marble).
2. Roof Eaves ladder structure. The tasks can be done simultaneously. System with windows - doors uPVC (vinyl), including the ceiling inside the primer systems such as electrical, plumbing, floor.

3. Their work done after Installation of doors - windows uPVC (Vinyl) Wall paper work including the furniture, color screen real parquet floors and so on.

1. Ban other items. Laid across the top of the door jamb system - windows, uPVC (Vinyl) because it will make damage.
2. Ban wiring Or any other items tied to accessories Accessory or framing systems, windows and doors uPVC (Vinyl) because the product will be scratched. And cause damage.
3. Banned frame pedal Home doors, windows or uPVC (Vinyl) is strictly prohibited.




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