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whats-upvc          UPVC , we have to process natural gas from crude oil is the monomer species is named v Neal (Vinyl) when v Neil through the production process. The reaction with chloride we have v Neil chloride monomer.(Vinylchloride monomer) a combination of V Neil chloride monomer, which is called polymer length receptor.(Polymerization) will Resin (Resin), which is called a type.Poly V Neil chloride (Polyvinyl Chloride) or abbreviated as PVC.

 When PVC resin processed mix (Mixing) put oil soft.Which calledSir plasticizer, it makes a feature of PVC.PVC is soft and malleable.We calledSir plasticizerPoly V Neil chloride (Plasticizered Polyvinyl Chloride) or PPVC.

 But through the process of PVC resin blending (Mixing) by maintain a competitor did not put oil plasticizer Sir to adapt to soft.Features of PVCPVC is a competitor.We calledDr. Abu Sir plasticizersPoly V Neil chloride (Unplasticizered Polyvinyl Chloride) or uPVC.

 Measuring the competitiveness and soften popular use of uPVC ASTM (American Standard Testing Method) units we use soft Shore A Hardness units of our competitors Shore D Hardness.

Properties of uPVC is the density is between 1.4 ~ 1.5, depending on the ingredients and formulations uPVC white flesh is creamy filling into action The active (Additive) through a combination of uPVC make it accordingly. The purpose of using uPVC com pao (uPVC COMPOUND) types with different features such as the addition of ultraviolet (UV) to resist ultraviolet (Utraviolet light) fills Impact Omdiaฟ Irvine (. Impact Modifier) ​​to withstand the bumps.Comments filling the titanium oxide.To add a tough competitor and secures lifetime (Aging time) etc..

In addition, the benefits to be made uPVC windows and doors are usually divided into compartments inside.(Multichamber) as a thermal insulator to help reduce noise and prevent seepage of rainwater.This is why it makes uPVC has been growing in the windows and doors to the following benefits.

1. Resistant to weather, sunlight and UV rays with Titanium Dioxide Chemical and UV / heat stabilizer also resistant to the salt sea as well.
2. Daily problems insects, termites eat wood.
3. Leakage problems with the corner with heat (Fusion Welding) makes the connection completely Multichamber system also allows the orientation of water may have flowed in the door and the jamb outing.
4.Save on air because Multichamber uPVC is non-conductive medium heat
.Thereby preventing transfusion temperature between outdoors and indoors.
5. bedrooms, family room, quieter operation.When installing uPVC windows and doors make it sound travels slower and sound better than aluminum.
6. Did not catch fire due to the properties of chloride.
7. Strong bunkThe hardness of uPVC is also reinforced with stainless steel structure, easy to clean with soap or dishwashing liquid can remove the stains out.



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