Perfect Home uPVC

Windows and Doors System

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1. Why If the doors uPVC windows (uPVC) to Perfect Homes? qustion

Answer because we use good quality materials. And through the process of modern production. Therefore   shutters Perfect Homes (Perfect Home) innovative design with the concept for the true beauty of a perfect harmony of design. And the wise.

2. Why If the doors uPVC windows (uPVC) really have not seen a widely used?

Answer Since installation requires a skilled technician. The Auto Install uPVC windows and doors. (UPVC) N unchanged when the other doors are for.

3. Why unchanged prices on the front wood, aluminum and uPVC Price to High?

Answer typically wood types.And natural aluminum color will be cheaper than some materials.Such as aluminum, white baked most of them are close to the U-PVC (uPVC).

4. Why uPVC doors and windows (uPVC) has disadvantages in?

Answer In addition to the installation, which requires an understanding of the team which began production. Attributed to the installation, most customers still think that. UPVC Windows and Doors (uPVC), which are very expensive in fact. UPVC windows and doors

5. Why if you install uPVC doors and windows (uPVC), the latter will cost how much?

Answer depends on home Windows and doors This can be a rough example That area 35 sq.m. 2 storey house and after about 70 sq.m. Price includes installation will start at 200,000 baht, depending on the individual manufacturer, model and size doors. overall

6. Why uPVC doors and windows (uPVC) can iron it?

Answer can be attached to Pune Typically, the thickness of uPVC choose to give less than the thickness of the wall plaster.

7. Why start installing uPVC windows and doors (uPVC) must begin at the point where it first?

Answer uPVC doors and windows (uPVC) is produced by the actual size most of the work will start at the point cause plaster finish it. Homeowners will be notified via door and window installation team. (UPVC) in order to measure / check size of the mortar. To prepare large / site production. The last step before installation.

8. Why uPVC doors and windows (uPVC) screened it?

Answer UPVC window and door system (uPVC) sliding Perfect Homes (Prefect Home) with rails for sliding mosquito net. The uPVC doors and windows (uPVC) doors of Perfect Homes (Perfect Home), it can choose to install nets folded pleat. Rollover or head As well

9. Why uPVC doors and windows (uPVC), aluminum doors and windows better than a white only?

Answer with a waterproof, soundproof, heat up better then. UPVC windows and door. (UPVC) is the corner point with 45 degree heat. It also has a multi-point locking system Multi Point Lock.

10. Why the time of production. UPVC windows and doors installed (uPVC) how many days?

Answer overall production period UPVC windows and doors installed (uPVC) approximately 30 days after a cleared.

11. Why uPVC doors and windows (uPVC) with the ability to block out noise?

Answer UPVC window and door system (uPVC) be divided into several channels. (Multichamber) and multi-point locking hardware and rubber (EPDM) seals around the doors closed, making the remaining external noise reduction ratio of 1 in 8 of the cantor.



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